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Braveheart Bear 🐻

  • Braveheart Bear 🐻
  • Braveheart Bear 🐻
  • Braveheart Bear 🐻
  • Braveheart Bear 🐻

They might be shy but these creatures would like to share their heart.
Its simple, just flip their arms over their head & their heart is no longer hidden.
Life is to be lived.
Rejoice be brave.

This listing is an original it’s a CYN, each piece has authenticity and charm that inspire and spark emotion.

See for Brave Heart in action

These dolls are textile sculptural 3D art pieces and each one is completely unique.

Details on the Art Doll:
Artist: it’s a CYN

Name: Brave Heart

Size: approx 5”inches
Details: Each Brave Heart has an attached heart that can be hidden behind or flipped out to share.
Medium: Each it’s a CYN Doll is an original piece of art. All materials are ethically and as locally sourced as possible, the textiles are either up-cycled or recycled discovered while combing countless thrift shops, estate sales, etc. Stuffed with new polyfill and weighted with recycled crushed rubber.

Care of your art doll:
. Please handle with care. Display out of direct sunlight and avoid excessive heat.

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