My name is Cyn – it’s actually a shorten version of my given name … everyone calls me it and I like it. I’ve called my business it’s a CYN, so its clear from the start that I’m a paraprosdokian, one who shifts meaning with puns, misdirection, and witty juxtaposition for humorous effect, perhaps a spill over from my creations. it’s a CYN stitches scraps of up-cycled and new materials: discarded clothing, rescued textiles and her original 3d printed embellishments into whimsical creatures. it’s a CYN works alone and makes everything herself, which is full of fabrics, found objects and imagination. it's a CYN's creations have an authenticity & charm that inspire & spark emotion


Merging bygone and new techniques, it's a CYN, use reclaimed, rescued, up-cycled, fabric with 3d printing to skillfully create handcrafted characters.

Each creation is my unique style and design. it's a CYNs characters are an assemblage of textures and colors with found and 3d printed embellishments.

it's a CYN, believes there is beauty in nonsense, her creations awaken emotions, while evoking a sense of whimsy.



  • Pictoplasma Academy, Masterclass, Berlin DE, 2015

  • MIT Fab Academy Diploma, Waag Fablab Amsterdam, NL

  • 3D Graphics and Animation Certificate, SAE Institute, Amsterdam, NL

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude


Digital Fabrication



15 minutes of fame

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